Who are we and what do we do?

The Federation - FoTTSA - The Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations - was founded in 1989. We bring together associations in the strip of shore and woods that rings the township and extends back to the Nipissing Bluff or that rings inland lakes. Some of the member associations are very small--the smallest has eleven families--while some have close to 200 members. Most of the federated associations include both front and back lot owners. Membership in the Federation varies from year to year; at the moment it stands at 19 member associations. Each of the Federation's directors is drawn from a different association, and board meetings usually include invitees from other associations.

The Federation is the largest and most active ratepayer group in Tiny.

We monitor issues that may impact our member associations and their residents, primarily in the Township, but also at County and in the Province.

We research issues and make deputations, write letters, give presentations, involve ourselves on committees.

We are particularly concerned with protecting and enhancing the natural environment of Tiny Township.

We are keenly interested in planning issues.

We report frequently to our member associations and seek their feedback.

To communicate we use e-mail, telephone, The Tiny Cottager and our website: http://www.tinycottager.org.

We also reach out to everyone in Tiny by mailing The Tiny Cottager, twice a year, to every household in the Township.

What have we done?

• monitored and reported on meetings of Committee of the Whole and of Council

• opposed the restructuring of Simcoe County

• co-ordinated the battle against gypsy moths

• became active in elections to ensure that all Tiny's residents were represented on Council

• fought the loss of commercial and residential assessment to Penetanguishene and Midland

• led a county-wide team which stopped county-wide Market Value Assessment

• took action on water quality issues

• supported clarification of beach ownership

• participated in the public process which helped shape Tiny's new Official Plan