Wymbolwood Beach celebrates 50th Anniversary

(reprinted with permission from the Wymbolwood Beach Association Yearbook)

The 1940's and the end of World War 11 was a great population influx to Tiny Township beaches. Concerned residents banded together on August 3, 1947 and the Wymbolwood and Mountainview Beaches Association was formed. The annual dues were $1.00 and the major problems on the agenda were a building code Bylaw, the beach road and speed, the protection of waterfronts and providing recreation facilities for young people. Also present at this meeting were representatives from Balm, Cawaja, and Ardmore, along with Wymbolwood and Mountainview, taking in the shoreline, from the 6th to 11th concessions. They formed the "Tiny Beaches Cottage Owners Association".

The 50's saw the creation of the ballpark originally rented from Art Dunsford, owner of Wymbolwood Lodge and later purchased by the Beach Association. Baseball was featured every weekday morning and night games were played against teams from Balm Beach, Thunder Bay, Elmvale, Wyevale, and Hillsdale. The 10 o'clock Beach Club was organized for the younger children and supervised by local teenagers. The adults enjoyed parties and masquerade dances at Wymbolwood Lodge.

In 1954 Hurricane Hazel hit Wymbolwood causing the creek to break through to the beach and in two places taking cottages with it.

The 60's brought the Regatta, and Field Day (complete with frog race).

The 70's saw the beginning of the annual Yearbook and Directory. A system to better identify each cottage was needed so at a cost of 10 cents each, the directors provided and helped install aluminum street numbers.

The 80's saw the purchase of the area known as the Wymbolwood Nature Preserve. It is a great place to tramp through in the fall and ski through in the winter. A tennis court was also constructed for the use of beach residents.

The 90's saw threats from both natural and unnatural sources. The gypsy moth threatened our trees and the provincial government questioned the ownership of our properties.

The Youth Activities of the 10 o'clock Beach Club continue, as do the Regatta and Field Day with a hot dog lunch, sailing races, a corn roast and the publication of the yearbook.

Through the past 50 years the people of Wymbolwood have enjoyed the beaches, the waters of Georgian Bay, the family get-togethers, and the beautiful sunsets. We look forward to another 50 years of the same.