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Spring, 2007 - Issue #29

The President's Message
By JUDITH GRANT - Addison Beach

Bill 198 - Will It Drive Georgian Bay Water Levels Even Lower?
By JUDITH GRANT - Addison Beach

2007 Events

Off the Grid - Is Now the Time?
By JACK ELLIS - Rowntree Beach

Editorial Cartoon

Good News from the 2006 Full Shore Water Sampling Program!

OMB Hearing into Trailer Park Proposal Takes Surprising Turn

Report on Council

Dump Site Musings
By CHRISTINE DOW - Addison Beach

A Walk in the Woods - with a Twist of Lyme
By EWA MILEWSKA - Georgian Bay Estates

Flying the Flag
By AL TAYLOR - Kingswood Acres

Wyebridge: a Tiny Township Treasure

A Bird in the Hand? Rare Birds in Tiny
By TIM TULLY - Nottawaga Beach

Georgian Bay Sport Fishing in Trouble?
By AL TAYLOR - Kingswood Acres

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