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Spring, 2004 - Issue #23

The President's Message
By JUDITH GRANT - Addison Beach

Beach Water Quality Study 2003: Some Answers, More Questions
By JACK ELLIS - Rowntree Beach

Le Festival du Loup de Lafontaine--A little background

New Zoning By-law--Close But No Cigar
By JACK ELLIS - Rowntree Beach

Oppose the Woodland Beach Trailer Park

By BOB KAIN - Deanlea Beach

Site 41: Only Our Mayor Supports It

Beach Access Mediation: "Save the Beaches" Tries to Hijack the Process

Report on Council

2003 Municipal Election Results

Another Healthy Competition for the Same Good Cause: Announcing the 2nd Annual "Tiny Cottager Challenge" for the Huronia Hospitals Foundation

Al's Rules 4 Renters
By AL TAYLOR - Kingswood Acres

Did You Know?--Tiny Is Bear Country
By JACK ELLIS - Rowntree Beach

Word Search: Where We All Want to Spend the Summer (pdf to be added)
By DANUSIA FIGIEL - Kingswood Acres

Entertainment at the Cottage circa 1936-1950
By BILL JOHNSON - North of Kingswood Acres

Beach Bum
By AL TAYLOR - Kingswood Acres

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