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Fall, 2014 - Issue #44

President's Message - p.1

By PAUL COWLEY- Carusoe Bay

The Bluewater Foxtrotp.1
By JESSIE GARLAND – Bluewater Dunes

Pulling Together to Fight Eurasian Watermilfoil – p.2
By PETER ANDREWS - Farlain Lake

"Giving Thanks" at My Uncle Jack's Log Cabin - p.3
By BILL JOHNSON – Kingswood Acres

Report on Councilp.4
By MARY JANE PRICE – Deanlea Beach

Editorial Cartoonp.4


Jack Barry Ellis - Thank You! - p.4

By JUDITH GRANT – Addison Beach

Recent Developments on Parking Strategy in Tiny – p.5
By CAROLE FERGUSON – Bluewater Georgina Wendake Beaches

Climate Change Impacts Tiny's Streams – p.5
By JUDITH GRANT – Addison Beach

Election 2014 Special: List of Candidates, Profiles of Recommended Candidates, Recommending Candidates, Your Vote Matters! – pp.5-8

Water Levels Are Up But... - p.9

By MARY MUTER – Chair, Great Lakes Section, Sierra Club Canada Foundation; Vice-Chair, ROWI

Georgian Bay General Hospital Update – p.10
By KAREN McGRATH – President & CEO of GBGH

Woodland Beach History Day - p.11
By TRACEY PRICE - Woodland Beach

Phragmites: The Battle Continues – p.12
By LINDA ANDREWS – Wahnekewening Beach


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