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Spring, 2014 - Issue #43

President's Message - p.1

By PAUL COWLEY- Carusoe Bay

Municipalities Questioning Impact of OPP Billing Modelp.1
By RICHARD GOULD – Bluewater Georgina Wendake Beaches

2014 Eventsp.2

Time to Check the Quality of Our Swimming Water! - p.3
By JUDITH GRANT – Addison Beach

Report on Councilp.4

Editorial Cartoonp.4


A Perspective on Council Then and Now- p.4

By Richard Hinton – Cawaja Beach

Wise Coastal Stewardship Deserves Recognitionp.6
By KAREN ALEXANDER – Woodland Beach

Recommended Summer Reading – p.7

Asian Carp – Maybe the Next Environmental Threat – p.8
By JACK ELLIS – Rowntree Beach

Enthusiasm Mounting for Champlain 2015 Celebrations - p.9

By JACK ELLIS – Rowntree Beach

Bill Sweenie Given Award by SSEAp.10
By LINDA ANDREWS – Wahnekewening Beach

Restore Our Water International - p.11

Have Fun and Help with Projects at Tiny Marsh – p.12
By KATE HARRIES – MTM Conservation Association

Parking in Tiny Township – p.12
By RICHARD GOULD – Bluewater Georgina Wendake Beaches

Children’s Summer Activities in Tiny -


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