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Spring, 2013 - Issue #41

The President's Message - p.1

By PAUL COWLEY- Carusoe Bay

Finally! IJC Recommends Measures to restore our Water Levels

By JACK ELLIS - Rowntree Beach
- p.1

Septage Management Study PIC - p.1

2013 Events Listing - p.2

Restore Our Water International: ONWARD! - p.3
By MARY MUTER – Vice-Chair ROWI, Chair Great Lakes Division,
Sierra Club and JACK ELLIS – Rowntree Beach

Report on Council - p.4

Editorial Cartoon - p.4

FoTTSA Actions on Water Levels
- p.4

By PAUL COWLEY – Carusoe Bay and JACK ELLIS – Rowntree Beach

Research to Improve Beaches and Recreational Water Quality - p.5
By ALLAN CROWE –Environment Canada

Recommended Summer Reading – p.7

Woodland Beach History: Part 2 - p.9

By DENISE GARDIAN – Woodland Beach


Tiny Marsh: A Little-Known Gem - Biological Inventory and The Big Pull  - p.10

By KATE HARRIES – President  Midland Penetanguishene  Field Naturalist Club


Restore Our Water International Press Release - p.11


The Birds of Georgian Bay by Bob Whittam - p.12
Reviewed by DIANE HASLEY – Nottawaga Beach

10th Annual Tiny Cottager Challenge - p.13

By DENISE GARDIAN – Woodland Beach

Township of Tiny Golf Tournament and Dinner  - p.13
In Honour of Gord Leonard and in support of GBGH

Update: Septage Management Study Class EA  - p.14
By RICHARD HINTON – Cawaja Beach

The Multiplier Effect of Buying Locally  - p.15
By AL TAYLOR – Kingswood Acres

Local Author Shares a Passion for Huronia’s History - p.15

Daniel Marchildon

            Summer Activities for Children  - p.17
By IRENE WILSON – Bluewater Georgina Wendake

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