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Health Concerns / Lyme / West Nile in Tiny Township

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Lyme Disease

West Nile Virus


Links to information on Lyme Disease
The true extent of the disease in Ontario is not known due to inadequate and outdated diagnosis and surveillance methods. New guidelines for the doctors and the public are being prepared.

Media Sites and Stories
– Health page on Lyme Disease
– Many cases of Lyme disease going undisclosed (
– news search for stories relating to Lyme disease
– – Lyme disease
– Kingston Whig Standard, August 17, 2006: “Disease-carrying tick ‘abundant’ on island”
– Guelph Mercury, July 31, 2006: “Lyme disease is not confined to ‘hot spots,’ researchers conclude”
– Canadian Press, September 20, 2005: “Dramatic rise in bloodsucking ticks predicted for Eastern Canada”

Canadian Association:
– Canadian Lyme Disease Association (comprehensive information)
– Lyme disease brochure

American Associations:
– International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
– Lyme Disease Network

Official Government Websites

– Public Health Agency of Canada (most comprehensive)
– Health Canada
– Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (reports are based on old surveillance methods)
– Office of the Chief Medical Officers of Health of Nova Scotia

– Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA, USA – note that the newly released November 2006 guidelines for treatment of Lyme disease from the Infectious Diseases Society of America are being disputed by other organizations and patients.

Scientific articles and reference works
– Journal of Etymology 2006, Vol. 43 (2): 403-414
“Investigation of Ground Level and Remote-Sensed Data for Habitat Classification and Prediction of Survival of Ixodes scapularis in Habitats of Southeastern Canada”
– Journal of Etymology 2006, Vol. 43 (3): 600-609
“Ixodes scapularis Ticks Collected by Passive Surveillance in Canada: Analysis of Geographic Distribution and Infection with Lyme Borreliosis Agent Borrelia burgdorferi”
– Wikipedia – Lyme disease


Links to information on the West Nile Virus:

Articles in The Tiny Cottager:

Issue 21 By Jack Ellis – West Nile Virus buzzes in to Tiny

Media Sites and Stories

– news search for stories relating to “West Nile Virus”
– search for West Nile Virus

Official Government Websites

– Government of Ontario Ministry of Health West Nile Site
– Simcoe County District Health Unit – search for “West Nile” in their menu
– Public Health Agency of Canada

– U.S. Centre for Disease Control Website for West Nile Virus
– U.S. Geological Survey West Nile Virus Map
– U.S. National Biological Information Infrastructure Website on West Nile Virus
– State of Illinois Educational Poster on West Nile Virus (PDF format)
– National Pesticide Information Center West Nile Virus Resource Page
– Food and Drug Administration West Nile Virus Information for Women

Natural Solutions to the Mosquito Problem:

– Maine Mosquito Control – BTI Paves the Road Back

– Bats can be a useful anti-mosquito predator – but they require special ‘bat houses(pic)‘ to contain them in useful numbers. Attracting bats to a bat house requires a site with exposure to the East sun, and nearby water to be successful. Female bats produce only one offspring per year so increasing the population is a slow process. The best time to erect a bat house is in March.
– – How to put up a Bat House (U.S. Site- Northeast information applies to us).
– Scott’s Bat House Page – free bat house plans
– A Bird’s Home – Bat House Basics
– another site – lots of bat house plans

Other Websites:
– American Mosquito Control Association

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