A foxy encounter

We recently received an interesting photo from one of our readers, Sandy Proudfoot.  Her nephew-in-law Michael and a friend were driving along Pennorth Dr. a few days ago when they saw a fox with a hen in its mouth.

“Don’t know where the chicken came from but it was a big one… so big the fox had to stop every 50 feet or so to re-adjust his grip. My friend and I were on the way back from town and I turned onto Pennorth Rd. when we saw it.  [My friend] has an Iphone so rolled down his window and we tried from a distance for a picture with no luck. Decided we would try to drive by the fox for a close up shot. Fox happened to stop to shift his load and we stopped beside him and friend got a great picture. The fox stopped because he was not going to give up his meal. He has a den somewhere in the area near the end of Pennorth. Two years ago we had a fox living under our neighbour’s shed…so very exciting!”

fox with henDo you have an interesting photo of something going on in Tiny Township that you’d like to share?  Send it to editor@tinycottager.org with a brief (1 paragraph) story and we might publish it!    By submitting a photo you give FoTTSA permission to republish it online or in The Tiny Cottager newsletter.  Photo copyright stays with the photographer.  We reserve the right to edit submissions for length or clarity.


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