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This message is to inform you that as of September 29, 2016 the Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation, formerly the Sierra Club Canada Foundation, Great Lakes Section and its entire experienced team of professional advisors announces that it will no longer function as part of Sierra Club Canada Foundation. We have ceased to conduct our program work with Sierra Club Canada Foundation and announce it has formed the new Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation (“GBGLF”). We are now with the highly respected Huronia Community Foundation.

The latter will issue tax receipts to our donors. We believe this arrangement will provide to you our donors and to us the required timely financial accounting and reporting needed for our work to protect and restore Georgian Bay’s mainly finite ecosystems as part of the Great Lakes.

We want to move on so that we can continue to bring scientifically sound published reports to all stakeholders including governments at all levels.

• It is our team that first identified erosion in parts of the upper St. Clair River as a contributing cause of the unprecedented sustained low water levels from 1999 to 2013.

• We will continue to support McMaster University’s Dr. Pat Chow-Fraser and her research team as they track impacts of water-level changes to water quality, wetlands and the fishery.

• Our engineers Bill Bialkowski and Jeremy Gawen will continue to provide modeling of scientifically sound options to address the ongoing erosion in the upper St. Clair River in line with the International Joint Commission’s 2013 advice to governments.

• We will continue to build consensus around the most environmentally responsible, cost-effective solution that will address, for all of the Great Lakes, both extreme high and extreme low lake levels facing climate change.

• We will continue to work to expand our connections with allied Canadian and American Great Lakes organizations.

The mission of Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation is to protect our Great Lakes from the crises of extreme water levels. Through our work and education, we bring sound science and solutions supporting water levels, the fishery and aquatic invasive species control.

Although we bring a great depth of expertise, thought leadership, and energy to the table, success in this mission depends on support from a wide array of individuals and organizations.

Mary Muter, Chair stated, “fact-based research and solutions, sound science and a passionate, dedicated and experienced team are our hallmarks.”

If you have any questions please call Mary Muter 905 833 2020 or Roy Schatz 416 922 4415 You can also send an email to

On behalf of The Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation Board, Bill Bialkowski, Paul Cowley, Jeremy Gawen, Mary Muter, Roy Schatz, John Seagram, Jerry Smitka, thank you all for your continuing support.

Our sincere apology. The last communication posted had some inaccurate information that we have now corrected.

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