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Fall, 2007 - Issue #30

The President's Message
By JUDITH GRANT - Addison Beach

Wind Farm Update: Bigger Turbines Prompt Council Study
By JACK ELLIS - Rowntree Beach

E. Coli: A Permanent Resident of Our Beaches?
By Dr. Allan Crowe, Research Hydrogeologist, Environment Canada

Report on Council

Editorial Cartoon

Inventive – and Effective – Fundraising

Work Begins on Site 41 - Site 41 Authorized By County

Letter to the Editor

Wye Marsh: A Gem Worthy of Your Support
By JACK ELLIS - Rowntree Beach

Buying a Roof? Be Savvy
By AL TAYLOR - Kingswood Acres

A History of Pennorth Beach
By SCOT LOWES - Pennorth

Tiny's Population is Growing Much Faster – And Getting Older Too
By JOHN GRANT - Addison Beach

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Opens

Woodland Beach Master Plan
By JUDITH GRANT - Addison Beach

Concerned about the Tax Bite from
Simcoe County? – want to help?

Vern Owen Remembered in BGW Park

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