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Fall, 1997 - Issue #11

Committee of Adjustment…how it works
By Scot Lowes – Pennorth Beach

Four Nags and a Horse Race

Hose Eh! – Can You See
By Gully Jimson

Jackson Park/D'Aoust's Bay boat ramp
By Patricia O'Driscoll – Rowntree Beach

Me? … a politician?
By Scorpio

Much ado about nothing …

One Summer's Day
By Al Taylor – Kingswood Acres

… on the way to New Age Voting

Province lays groundwork for tax increases?
By David Blair – Woodland Beach

Runaway Train's fuel gauge reading "empty"
By Charlene Lowes – Pennorth Beach

The President's Message
By Al Taylor – Kingswood Acres

Time to Remember…Time to Evaluate…Time to Choose
By Paul Masterson – Thunder Beach

Tiny Township Council Update
By Patricia O'Driscoll – Rowntree Beach

Your Federation is now eight years young!
By Jack B. Ellis – Rowntree Beach

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