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Fall, 1994 - Issue #5

A Tiny change can make a big difference
by Al Taylor - Kingswood Acres

Fair Tax Commission
From the Muskoka Lakes Association Newsletter

Market Value Assessment under attack in Tiny
By Paul Masterson - Thunder Beach

Municipal Elections - Tiny Township - Mark Your Calendar

Remember Restructuring! - Tiny voters said NO - Council said YES
By Frank Hughes - Wymbolwood Beach

Rumours and elections go hand in hand
by Patricia O'Driscoll - Rowntree Beach

Tax Changes that May Affect You
By KPMG Peat Marwick Thorne

The Federation is impressed . . .
[By the Cawaja Propertyowners' Association]

Time to make your mark is coming!
by Paul Masterson - Thunder Beach

Tiny Council's 3-Year performance report
By Frank Hughes and Patricia O'Driscoll
Wymbolwood Beach and Rowntree Beach

By Paul Masterson - Thunder Beach

Voting by Proxy - it's easier than you think

Who pays the freight?

You Had To Be There
By Doreen Cheeseman - KIngswood Acres

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