Spring, 2017 - Issue #49


President’s Message – p.1

By PAUL COWLEY – Carusoe Bay


Farm Fresh Food Fest in North Simcoe – p.1

By CINDY HASTINGS – Council Rep on Organizing Committee


2017 Events – p.2

By JOAN CONDIE – Deanlea Beach


Waverley Soldiers’ Monument – p.3



Report on Council – p.4


Cartoon – p.4



Grass Carp – a Threat to Georgian Bay – p.5

By JERRY SMITKA – Retired MNR Fish Specialist


If a Tree Falls on My House – p.5

By AL TAYLOR – Kingswood Acres


What’s Going On at GBGH? – p.7

By BRIAN BRADSTREET – Wymbolwood Beach   


GBGHF Reaches Out to Beach Associations – p.7

By BRIAN BRADSTREET – Wymbolwood Beach   


Tiny’s Council Approves a Tax Increase of 5% in 2017 – p.9

By DAVID BLAIR – Woodland Beach


Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation – p.10



SSEA Awards for Tiny Residents – p.10

By LINDA ANDREWS – Wahnekewening Beach


Pull & Plant! – p.11

By ANNE McARTHUR - Marl Tiny Matchedash (MTM) Association


3rd Annual Tiny Marsh BioBlitz – p.11

By ANNE McARTHUR - MTM Association


Ontario Nature Advocates for Protection of Water & Nature – p.11

By JOSHUA WISE – Greenway Program Manager, Ontario Nature


Public Libraries – p.12

Drawn together by Amanda Kelly, Midland Public Library


Recommended Summer Reading – p.13


Parking Strategy – p.14

By JUDITH GRANT – Addison Beach


3rd Annual Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament – p.15

By DICK WESSELO – Copeland Creek


Bridging the Generation Gap @ The Cottage – p.16

By LYNNE ARCHIBALD – Nottawaga Beach


Airbnb – p.17

By AL TAYLOR – Kingswood Acres


Short Term Rental Issues – p.17

By PETE ANDREWS – Farlain Lake



Huronia Municipal Airport – p.18

By GIBB WISHART – Council Rep on Airport Commission


Keeping the Cottage in the Family – p.19

By IRENE WILSON – Bluewater Georgina Wendake



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