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Spring, 2016 - Issue #47


President’s Message – p.1

By PAUL COWLEY – Carusoe Bay


Feds Announce Funding to Manage Upper Great Lakes Water Levels – p.1

By MARY MUTER – Chair, Great Lakes Project, Sierra Club Canada Foundation


2016 Events – p.2


For the Love of Monarchs – p.3

By LAREN STADELMAN – Kingswood Acres


Report on Council – p.4


Word Scramble – p.4


Tiny’s Budget Not So Tiny – p.5

By BRIAN BRADSTREET – Wymbolwood Beach


Remembering Bill Johnson (1929-2015) – p.5

By JUDITH GRANT – Addison Beach


2016 Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament – p.6

By DICK WESSELO – Copeland Creek   


Help for Troubled Youth in Simcoe Muskoka – p.6

By DONNA DANYLUK, Corporate Communications, RVH


Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre – p.6

By MARY JANE PRICE – Deanlea Beach


Balm Beach Now Wheelchair Accessible – p.7

By HAMISH GRANT – Addison Beach


Georgian Bay General Hospital Needs Our Help – p.9

By BRIAN BRADSTREET – Wymbolwood Beach


Fire Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility Pt. 2 – p.10


Co written with MARY JANE PRICE – Deanlea Beach


Volunteer Water Sampling – An Important Community Service – p.11

By JUDITH GRANT – Addison Beach


Tiny Residents Win 2015 SSEA Awards – p.12

By LINDA ANDREWS – Wahnekewening Beach


Help Conserve North Simcoe’s Natural Legacy – p.12

By MICHELLE HUDOLIN, Biologist and HLC Advisory Board Member


The Big Pull – p.13

By ANN McARTHUR, Marl Tiny Matchedash (MTM) Association


Tiny Marsh BioBlitz – p.13

By ANN McARTHUR, MTM Association


Recommended Summer Reading – p.14


How to Protect Your Small Motors against Ethanol Separation – p.15

By BOB CHISHOLM – Farlain Lake


Edmor-Georgian Heights: Past, Present & Future (Pt. 2) – p.16

By DOUG GARDNER (Past President)


The Wyebridge Tragedy – p.18




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