Bored Wells

Have you had trouble with elevated coliform counts in your dug well? Is the distance between your well and your septic system less than 30 metres (100 feet)? Is the water from your drilled well inadequate in volume or unpleasant to taste? A solution may be a bored well.

And what is a bored well?

It is a type of well recommended by R. J. Burnside & Associates Limited in the “Water Service Options Report” for the Balm Beach area where many lots are small. Such a well is deeper than the ordinary dug well, going right to the bottom of the upper loose strata of gravel and sand. It has a much greater storage capacity than a drilled well. It is commonly constructed with earth augers (similar to an oversized drill bit) turned either by hand or by power equipment. Such a well is usually regarded as practical at a depth of up to 30 metres (100 feet). It has the security not only of greater depth overall than a dug well but of a sealed casing of corrugated steel pipe to a depth of 6 metres. This additional security allows the separation of well and septic to be reduced from 30 metres to 15. A licensed MoE contractor must be used if the 15-metre separation is to be allowed.

Figure 9.3.1 from the Water Service Options Report shows a diagram of a typical bored well.